Give your web site a boost by using a US Located Semi-dedicated Hosting Plan

Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans are really a hybrid service. They depict a unique mixture between the power of a dedicated server and the user–friendliness of a normal website hosting account. With a semi–dedicated server, you’ll not possess root access to the server, but you also won’t have to handle any server management activities. And you’ll be capable of handle every little thing with the aid of our own Hosting Control Panel.

In order to offer you this kind of innovative web hosting solution, we also need the aid of a top–tier data center where we are able to set up our custom made cloud infrastructure. That is why we chose our USA data center to become home to the semi–dedicated servers.

Our USA data center is located in downtown Chicago. It’s directly linked with a lot of the top–tier Internet providers in the USA, supplying outstanding connection for all the websites hosted there. Additionally, because of the unique infrastructure we’ve built there, we could assure you a 99.9% network uptime.

With the joined power of our cloud hosting system and our data center, our US Located Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans are a really good option for the next site.

Other US Hosting Services

Our USA data center features plenty of web hosting alternatives for all clients with respect to the web sites or the web applications they wish to run. You will find US Located Website Hosting for anyone who desires to launch a personal blog, portfolio or an online store. Our cloud hosting packages feature a 99.9% network uptime guarantee along with a free domain name. If you want to build a development environment or if you must have additional resource allocations for your site, then you should pick our US Located VPS Web Hosting Plans. Our Virtual Private Servers come with a selection of Control Panels and have amazingly fast SSDs. If you need a brand new location for any extremely popular web site or a very CPU–intensive web application, you’ll be able to select any of our US Located Dedicated Web Hosting Plans. They boast reliable hardware setup and give a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.